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Experience the modern block editor Gutenberg like you’ve never seen it before.

Combining the innovation of block editing with the power of ACF Engine dynamic blocks, supported by Tailwind CSS for ultimate performance.

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Will you be the next to adopt the ACF Engine Method for building state-of-the-art WordPress sites?

ACF Engine has a mission to provide WordPress users with powerful dynamic building blocks for their sites. We leverage ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) Pro in a workflow that is clear and semi-automated. The end result, dynamic data-driven sites that capture market share

  • Custom Post Type Registration UX
  • Custom Taxonomy Registration UX
  • Attach ACF Custom Field Groups
  • Build Settings Panels for your Application with ACF Option Pages
  • Use ACF Engine Core Blocks to Render your Data Collections
  • Register Custom Gutenberg Blocks Types with Dynamic ACF Data
  • Add Powerful Taxonomy Facet Filters to your Data Collections

ACF Engine Version 1.5.0 was Released on August 12, 2022 Featuring Tailwind CSS Integration

Development Roadmap – Major Releases

2022-08-12 v1.5.0 with Tailwind CSS integration.

End of August, 2022 // v1.6.0 Algolia SAAS facet search integration with post sync and search block types added to the ACFG Block Suite.

Middle of September, 2022 Updated version of the SPA (Single Page Interface) App Dev Block Suite for building WordPress applications with no/low code approach.

End of September, 2022 ClickUp integration featuring inbound data pull from ClickUp into WordPress, ClickUp form integration, features to support using ClickUp as a WP support and knowledge base system.

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Try out ACF Engine unrestricted for up to 42-days on 1 site, or do a 14-day trial on up to 3 sites. How you use your 3 demo keys is up to you!

ACF Engine currently provides 28 dynamic Gutenberg blocks in it’s Core Block Suite.

Dynamic Drive.

Dynamic Drive, the ACFG block theme. Create dynamic, content-driven sites powered by ACF Engine and Gutenberg. A complete design system for WordPress.

Learn about the key features of ACF Engine with this introductory video.

Register Custom Post Types

The fastest and easiest to use CPT registration plugin on the market today. We cover every single feature available through WordPress core registrations including relatively new “template” and “template_lock” fields used to setup Gutenberg templates. 

ACF Engine is built to provide a powerful and efficient
workflow for expert developers.

Register Custom Taxonomies

The fastest and easiest to use custom taxonomy registration plugin on the market today. We cover every single feature available through WordPress core registrations. The entire registration process is organized into convenient tabs. 

By assigning one or more custom taxonomies to your custom post types, you’re one step closer to a holistic data structure. 

I know what you might be thinking, isn’t there already about 10 plugins that do a great job of registering CPT’s and taxonomies for WordPress? Aren’t most of them free? And can’t I also just copy/paste code to do the same thing in 5 minutes? 

Hold on now… we’re just scratching the surface of the most powerful and most complete no-code and low-code build system for WordPress. 

Render Everything with ACF Engine Blocks

Out of the box we give you the immediate ability to render any ACF field you create using the generic ACF Field block. Like the entire suite of baked in ACF Engine Blocks it uses a simple but sophisticated template override system. In a rush to see your project come to life? Drag in the block, choose the field and you’ll get immediate default template rendering. Trying to match a precise design? Take the time to create a custom template and wrap your field output in the appropriate tags. 

Build Settings Pages That Rock

Remember when WordPress released Customizer and everyone was like “this sucks compared to ACF options pages”? Remember more recently when Gutenberg was released and everyone was like “wow this really sucks compared to ACF options pages”? Okay I’m not sure that last part happened, that’s a bit of an apples/oranges comparison. The point is for over 10-years ACF options pages have provided arguably the best interfaces for custom apps, themes and plugins in the WordPress space. And no matter what you might think would make a “better admin UX”, it takes a massive investment of time and money to make anything that even comes close to what you can build with ACF options pages in a few minutes. 

And of course when you use ACF Engine, you’ll find our own interface is also built from these really user-friendly tabbed interfaces that are baked-in ACF options pages. 

ACF Front-end Forms

ACF field groups make for great front-end forms. Create new posts on the fly from the front-end form submissions or use a range of methods to turn your front-end form into an existing post edit form. 

Facet Filters for Gutenberg

The taxonomies you register with ACF Engine later become the facet filters that make your data collection a winner. Nobody wants to sift through pages and pages without any control over the display. Facet filtering is a vital tool to engage your users and help them quickly find what their really looking for. In the past you would have needed a separate plugin like FacetWP to be able to implement filters rapidly for a custom WordPress post type and taxonomy. Now your data collection is facet filterable with just a simple drag-and-drop of the ACF Engine Core Block Filter. 

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