About this Site

We hope you are enjoying your visit to ACFEngine.com. This site is (hopefully this is obvious) all about ACF Engine. This is a WordPress plugin that utilizes ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) and provides a powerful toolkit for building data-driven WP sites.

This site uses the Blocksy theme. This free theme is a great starting point for a site. We love the minimalist styling, it offers a less opinionated approach to styling than most themes. At the same time we find Blocksy does a good job of offering some layout and spacing and very minimal styles to ensure a reasonable degree of professionalism with our site right out of the box. We highly recommend this as a great theme, especially when you plan to use Gutenberg blocks to build your site.

The main purpose of this site other than promoting and generally support ACF Engine, is to provide documentation. We really believe documentation is the key to our success, and the key to providing a great user experience for anyone who discovers and wants to learn how to use ACF Engine. Rather than invest the time and money into building our own documentation system, we decided to adopt BetterDocs. Although creating documentation pages is well within our capabilities as plugin developers, we didn’t see a benefit to it given that Better Docs already has a very good feature set. We like the simplicity of BetterDocs, it’s a plugin that has a simple structure. It’s main just a post type (docs) with categorization. The power of the plugin is in the automated menu, the search and other useful features that make for a professional documentation layout on the front-end.