ACF Engine License Agreement

ACF Engine (ACFG) installations each require one activation. Every license key issued for ACFG is associated with a domain. If you use local and staging sites, which we highly recommend doing when working with ACFG, you will need a different key for each unique installation. When you migrate sites from local to staging, or staging to production or vice versa, it will often be necessary to copy/paste the original key for the install or generate and add a new key to perform the activation again.

We measure our purchase plans using “License Keys” rather than “Sites” as is often seen in most WordPress plugins. We do this in order to provide more flexibility to developers and to site owners with a range of projects. It’s also to promote the good practice of using local development and staging sites for testing and building out WordPress sites.

Unauthorized Reselling

Our licenses are intended for use by the purchaser and in the case of developers, by clients they have a direct relationship with. This means if you’re a developer and you have 100 clients, your use of 200-300 license keys for a mixture of production sites and staging/development or local sites would be within normal authorized use. However, selling license keys to a person or site owner that wants to use our product without paying for it, and where you have no other business with that person and are delivering no other services, this is strictly prohibited.

An important clarification for developers is that in the event you provide a license key to a client that you provide other agency or freelancer services for, if that relationship ends, you continuing to provide that license is acceptable use. In this case we accept the existence of the prior relationship as evidence that you provided your keys to that client as part of other services you were delivering. There is no need to deactivate those keys after the relationship ends for an interim period of 2-years. If however, after 2 full years without any other business relationship aside from providing ACF Engine keys, we would then deem that provision of keys as outside of terms. We would ask agencies and freelancers that have relationships end where they are providing license keys, to notify the former client that they should purchase their own independent ACF Engine license.