Block Reference

ACF Field

Renders any ACF (Advanced Custom Field). A generic rendering option in that it handles the rendering automatically based on field type, whereas other ACFG block types are more field type specific.

ACF Image Field

Renders ACF image fields. Has image specific options to optimize the display of your ACF stored images.

ACF Number Field

Render any ACF number field. Has rendering options suitable for number fields.

App Block Suite

The App Block Suite is a set of blocks that work together to form an SPA (Single Page Application).

App Body Column

App Body Row

App Container

App Create Control

App Edit Control

App Delete Control

App Header Column

App Header Row



Filter Meta

Filter Taxonomy

Turns your taxonomies, including custom taxonomies you register with ACF Engine, into facet filters. These filters work together enabling sites to quick implement a really popular user feature, helping users find what they want a lot faster.

Flex Block

We made the Flex Block Type because we’re big fans of modern CSS layouts and we wanted a block that mirrored the options available with CSS flexbox more precisely. A lot of Gutenberg layout blocks do use flexbox in some form, but not in as pure a form as our Flex Block Type.

Footer Block

Sometimes Gutenberg still needs a little bit of help to create nice layouts for critical parts of the UI like the header and footer. That’s why we provide our Footer Block as a turn key way to build out your site footer. Used with Site Editor, you can also setup different footers very quickly for different parts of the site.

Form Block

This is a block for rendering ACF field groups as front-end forms. This can enable users to submit content by using the create post configuration that is available in the block options.

Header Block

This block helps you create a top notch header for your website. You won’t need a header builder at the theme layer if you have ACF Engine and it’s header block. This block can help you build a slim header, regular header or a full page height header. It has a couple of style options that work for full height (hero style) headers.

HTML Block

Provides a code editor where you can enter in custom HTML.

Loop Block

Used to query and loop over posts.

Loop Item Block

A single child item within a Loop Block parent. This block is part of the Gutenberg template for the Loop Block so it is inserted automatically when you are building a data collection with a Loop Block.