Data Collection Block Suite

The Data Collection Block Suite is the flagship block suite in ACF Engine. At the heart of this collection is the Loop Block for rendering custom post types in a template loop.

Overview of the Data Collection Blocks.
Map of the Data Collection Block Suite in ACF Engine.

General Usage

Most ACF Engine projects involve a custom post type. After you register a custom post type and any custom taxonomies, you’re ready to start rendering your data collection using the ACFG Data Collection blocks.

We begin with a Loop Block, set to render our custom post type. Next we add a Sorter Block and Pagination Block. Typically the Sorter Block goes above/before the Loop Block, and the Pagination Block is placed after/under the Loop Block. The Loop Block is the center of the show, that’s where our posts will be rendered in a list. We can use any dynamic block inside our Loop Block, as well as any static or container blocks for layout.

Next we add a Search Block, and any Taxonomy Filter Blocks required to enabling filtering using our custom taxonomies. Finally add any Meta Filters needed, this will vary based on the type of data involved in the custom post type. Meta Field Filtering is handling by filtering the posts based on your ACF Fields, as an example on a real estate project you might filter properties based on a price range.

Data Collection Block Reference

Each block in the Data Collection suite has it’s own documentation page. Below you’ll find a brief summary of each block and a link to it’s full documentation page. Use this as a reference when you’re first working with the ACF Engine plugin and getting familiar with the available blocks.

Collection Block

Parent block that houses all the other data collection blocks and provides the initial data collection setup options.

Collection Block – ACF Engine

Loop Block

Loop Block – ACF Engine

Loop Item Block

Loop Item Block – ACF Engine

Taxonomy Filter Block

Taxonomy Filter Block – ACF Engine

Meta Filter Block

Meta Filter Block – ACF Engine

Sorter Block

Sorter Block – ACF Engine

Pagination Block

Pagination Block – ACF Engine

Search Block

Search Block – ACF Engine

Save Block

Enable users to save posts to their account. Perfect for “favorites” lists. Save recipes on a food site. Save properties on a real estate site. Whatever your content is, after users find it using the other data collection blocks, make sure they can save it and return to view it again later.

Save Block – ACF Engine