ACF Text Field Block Type

The ACF Text Field block type is used to render ACF Text Fields.

By default the block will use the current post as the source, you can switch this to “option” to load from WordPress options. This enables you to render text fields that are placed on an ACF Options Page. Remember that ACF Engine has a UI for building ACF Options pages under WP Admin > ACF Engine > Options Pages. Just create an Options Page, attach an ACF Field Group with text field(s) and then use the ACF Text Field Block Type to render that text anywhere.

In the example below the data source is an ACF text field located in an ACF settings page (options page). We use the “option” source instead of the default “current” to pull text from options. Technically you can render any WordPress option that is a string this way, as the loading of the data isn’t directly reliant on ACF.

This text is stored in an ACF settings page

In this example we’ve wrapped the ACF Text Field block inside a WP Core Row Block in order to be able to center it. The wrap tag used is an h3 (Heading 3). Also shown is the use of the prepend option to render prepend text before the dynamic stored string. We also got a bit crazy with the gradient options in the block row here.

PREPEND: This text is stored in an ACF settings page