ACF Engine Core Blocks Reference

In this document “Core Blocks” refer to ACF Engine block types that are shipped with core. This is not to be confused with “WordPress Core Blocks” which are often also referred to as “core blocks”. The context is that each system (WordPress, ACF Engine) has it’s own suite of blocks that it makes available by default to the Gutenberg editor. The main contrast in ACFG is that users can also register their own blocks, which we then refer to commonly as “custom blocks” as opposed to “core blocks”.

In this reference guide the blocks are listed by priority based on the typical frequency of use with more commonly used blocks in the ACFG build system rising to the top and less commonly used or more specialized blocks ranking lower in the list.

ACF Field Block

The block that started it all. A versatile and simple block the ACF Field block renders ACF Field data.

Meta Filter Block

Facet filter for comparing options to meta data (usually ACF field data). As an example meta filters are commonly used for price filters including price below, price above, price between.