Facet Filters

Facet filtering example from our documentation page.

ACF Engine Facet Filters are made available as Gutenberg blocks. Search “filter” when doing block selection to find them.

There are two types of search filters provided by ACF Engine. The filter type called Taxonomy Filter presents terms from a taxonomy and filters based on posts being associated to taxonomy terms. In contrast the filter type Meta Filter filters based on your custom meta fields which with ACF Engine are usually ACF fields.

While this is often a taxonomy registered with ACF Engine, the filter can also work with one of the WordPress core taxonomies or any taxonomy registered by a 3rd party plugin.

Limitations & Known Issues

Filter functionality relies on having a Query Loop block. This block type is a WordPress core block type first released in WP version 5.9. At this point filters are only able to work with a single Query Loop being rendered. Another limitation is that the Query Loop block must be positioned no more than 2 layers deep from the root of the Gutenberg markup.