Installing ACF Engine

ACF Engine is a premium WordPress plugin that requires an existing installation of ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) Pro. You must have ACF Pro installed and active on your WordPress site before installing and activating ACF Engine.

When you purchase ACF Engine the latest version will be available in your My Account under Downloads. That path is:


After download the ACF Engine plugin zip file, you can use the WordPress plugin installer with the “Upload Zip” option. This option will upload the zipped plugin file, unpack it and position it in the wp-content/plugins/ directory.

If you prefer to transfer the file into position manually you can upload the unzipped ACF Engine plugin to /wp-content/plugins/* or upload the zip and use a CLI function to unzip the folder.

Once you have ACF Engine installed you should see the plugin listed and ready for activation. Click to activate the plugin.

Once active ACF Engine creates one menu item in the WordPress Admin titled “ACF Engine”. Under this main menu item you will find all the sub-menu items needed to begin using popular ACF Engine features including the post type registration, block type creator and more.