Loop Block

The Loop Block is the main block used to query and render data objects with ACF Engine. Choose your custom post type, or any registered post type including core WordPress post types (post, page), or any 3rd party registered post type such as WooCommerce products.

Using the ACF Engine Loop Block has a key advantage over the WordPress core Query Block. This advantage is that the Loop Block has an event-driven design that allows other ACFG blocks to create user interaction with the data collection. This includes searching, filtering, pagination and sorting. All these related Data Collection blocks work together seamlessly to enable users to refine data sets and find more of what they want, faster.

Block Options

Post Type (post_type)

The WordPress post type. Enter the registered key for any post type.

Default value: “post”.

Inner Blocks

Loop Block supports inner blocks. There is no restriction on the type of inner blocks that can be nested inside the Loop Block. It is recommended to use primarily dynamic blocks designed for loops. These blocks include core single page blocks such as Post Title, Post Excerpt. ACF Engine blocks such as ACF Field are also suitable for nesting into the loop block in order to render your ACF Fields.

Block Renders

Loop Block rendered with filters and search to create a documentation hub.