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Block Type Registration UI

ACF Engine provides an interface in the WordPress admin to register Block Types. ACF Engine’s Block Type Registration UI is a convenient way to quickly build out Gutenberg Block Types for a project without having to write code. The blocks you build with the Block Type Registration UI can also be fairly easily ported over […]

Block Registry

This documentation page focuses on the registration of ACF Engine core blocks, and the filtering mechanism available to add or remove block types from the plugin during the registration process. ACF Engine has a range of blocks (ACF Block Types) that it registers. These blocks are registered by default, but we provide a UI that […]

Block Render API

In ACF Engine the Block Render API refers to the PHP classes and methods that perform final rendering of blocks. This API is not reliant on Gutenberg, and does not directly take instruction from Gutenberg. Instead it is a pure PHP object structure for generating HTML output. The Block Render API uses Tailwinds CSS to […]

Collection Block

The Collection Block serves as the parent block for a data collection. By dropping in this block the child blocks will be automatically inserted into Gutenberg, saving you time. It also provides the initial settings for a data collection such as the option for which post type the data collection should render.

Loop Item Block

The Loop Item block provides the template for rendering each item in a Loop Block. This block is a child of the Loop Block, and is automatically inserted when Loop Block is added to Gutenberg.

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