This page serves as both the home of our official docs and a live demo of ACF Engine’s data collection and facet filtering features.

Please use the facet filters provided to refine the selection of documentation pages. What you see here is 4 pieces of WordPress technology working together, a custom post type, two custom taxonomies, a query loop and facet filters powered by taxonomies.

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  • App Container Block

    The App Container Block ( aka AppContainer ) provides the parent block for an SPA (Single Page Application). The nested child blocks allowed include other application building blocks from the ACFG Application Builder Suite. Options Reference Post Type App Logo

  • ACF Engine Core Blocks Reference

    In this document “Core Blocks” refer to ACF Engine block types that are shipped with core. This is not to be confused with “WordPress Core Blocks” which are often also referred to as “core blocks”. The context is that each system (WordPress, ACF Engine) has it’s own suite of blocks that it makes available by […]

  • Taxonomy Core Class

    Namespace: AcfEngine\Core\Taxonomy Class Type: abstract Taxonomy Core Class is an abstract base class for the registration of WordPress Taxonomies, also known as “custom taxonomies”. These are objects that are either hierarchal as in categories, or single level as in tags. The common use of taxonomies in ACF Engine is to associate the taxonomy to a […]

  • ACF Field Block

    The ACF Field Block can render any field you have created using ACF field groups. It’s the first option to consider when rendering out a field in your custom single post template for example.

  • How We Built Our Plugin Licensing System On Top Of ACF Engine

    One of our goals at ACF Engine is to balance our support of “no code” and “low code” options with the capability to leverage custom code. Too often we see projects where the objective of supporting users in “doing more without custom code” comes at the cost of versatility and the ability for developers to […]

  • Facet Filters

    ACF Engine Facet Filters are made available as Gutenberg blocks. Search “filter” when doing block selection to find them. There are two types of search filters provided by ACF Engine. The filter type called Taxonomy Filter presents terms from a taxonomy and filters based on posts being associated to taxonomy terms. In contrast the filter […]

  • Create Custom Options Pages

    ACF Engine enables you to register custom options pages. These are pages that are added to the WordPress admin menu. There is support for either adding the page to the main menu, or adding submenu items nested under a parent menu. WP Admin > ACF Engine > Options Pages

  • Creating Front-end Forms

    In ACF Engine front-end forms (usually just labelled and referred to as “forms”) are an extension of the core ACF capacity to render a front-end form with one or more field groups. WP Admin > ACF Engine > Forms

  • Creating Custom Block Types

    ACF Engine leverages the ACF block registration feature and provides a UX to make block registration fast and easy. Visit the Block Types menu item under ACF Engine. Full path below: WP Admin > ACF Engine > Block Types

  • Creating Custom Taxonomies

    What most data collections need after creating a custom post type is to now create a custom taxonomy. As an example if you are using ACF Engine to build a real estate site, you might have registered “property” as a custom post type. Now in order to organize properties by the type of property such […]

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