Collection Block

The Collection Block serves as the parent block for a data collection. By dropping in this block the child blocks will be automatically inserted into Gutenberg, saving you time. It also provides the initial settings for a data collection such as the option for which post type the data collection should render.

Loop Item Block

The Loop Item block provides the template for rendering each item in a Loop Block. This block is a child of the Loop Block, and is automatically inserted when Loop Block is added to Gutenberg.

Flex Block

Coming soon! This block is a WIP (work in progress).

Save Block

The Save Block renders a button users can click to save posts. Block Renders Block Options Currently there are no block options for the Save Block.

Search Block

The Search Block filters the data collection rendered using the Loop Block from ACF Engine. Search Block provides facet search, meaning that it respects the users other filtering choices when the search is used. It also refines the data collection based on the original settings in the Loop Block, searching through one singular post type. […]

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