This page serves as both the home of our official docs and a live demo of ACF Engine’s data collection and facet filtering features.

Please use the facet filters provided to refine the selection of documentation pages. What you see here is 4 pieces of WordPress technology working together, a custom post type, two custom taxonomies, a query loop and facet filters powered by taxonomies.

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  • Creating Custom Post Types

    ACF Engine enables you to register custom post types (CPT’s) using a simple interface. For basic setup, you only need to set a key and a title and you’re CPT will be registered and working. In the WordPress admin under the ACF Engine menu “Post Types” is the first menu option. WP ADMIN > ACF […]

  • Installing ACF Engine

    ACF Engine is a premium WordPress plugin that requires an existing installation of ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) Pro. You must have ACF Pro installed and active on your WordPress site before installing and activating ACF Engine. When you purchase ACF Engine the latest version will be available in your My Account under Downloads. That path […]

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