AdminMenu Class


Methods #

__construct() #

Calls init and adds an ACF options page for the ACF Engine Settings.

init() #

Public method.

Adds the actions and filters needed for admin menu creation. These include "admin_menu" action and the "parent_file" filter.

@return none.

setParentMenu( $parent_file ) #

Callback for the filter "parent_file" used to set the main admin menu item active when viewing an ACF Engine core post type.

menu() #

Callback for action "admin_menu" that utilizes \add_menu_page() to add the menu items. All menu items are added this way with the exception of the ACF Engine Settings page which is an ACF Options Page.

pageDashboard() #

Public method.

Callback for the ACF Engine Dashboard page. This method loads the dashboard template file.

@return no return.

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