BlockTypeManager Class


The BlockTypeManager class is very similar to other "Manager Classes" that are tasked with the management of ACF Engine Object Types. In this class the purpose is to provide management of the BlockType which is a core Object Type for registration of ACF Block Types. This includes methods for handling the object post type (acfg_block_type) and for the JSON handling of data that represents a singular block type.

Properties #

No properties are defined in this class.

Methods #

setup() #

savePost( $postId, $post, $update ) #

registerBlockTypes() #

fetchByKey( $key ) #

Fetch a single block type post from the database and return it if found. Primarily used to check if a given block type exists in the database during import operations.

initObject( $data ) #

loadDataFile( $filename ) #

getDataFiles() #

findBlockTypeDataFiles() #

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