Building Custom Block Types

ACF Engine provides the capability to build and render custom Gutenberg blocks. This is managed through the ACF Engine > Block Types menu. In ACF Engine the custom Block Types you create are built using a regular custom post type that is named "acfe_block_type".

Block types that you create are "ACF Blocks" using the ACF support for block type registration. This type of block is quite effective at providing an interface (using ACF fields) for data entry. It does however have some limitations compared to a fully custom developed React block. The UX for instance may not adapt as well when used in columns for instance, because in edit mode the block is essentially a form. There are ways to adapt your blocks to work better including changing the mode settings. More on that later when we look at the block settings.

ACF Engine > Block Types

Block Types are available in both free and pro versions of ACF Engine and have the same feature set in both.

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