Key features only in the pro version

A common question we hear is “what’s in pro” or “why should I upgrade ACF Engine”. A short summary of the answer is that you get 3 additional Object Types that are managed by ACF Engine, these include Forms (front-end forms), Render Code (additional rendering option that works with Templates), and finally Components, which are used to bundle/wrap/organize all your other objects together into a singular item that can be migrated together from site to site or adapted from project to project.

With the free ACF Engine you get the 5 base Object Types, which are Post Types, Taxonomies, Options Pages, Block Types and Templates. In other words you get a system that can be used to create a sophisticated data-driven site right out of the box, with the CPT’s, custom taxonomies and options pages providing the back-end, while block types and templates give you the front-end rendering.

What you get in ACFG Pro is the addition of front-end forms, queries and components. The front-end forms leverage ACF’s native capability to display field groups, or even individual fields as a form. This includes the ability to add or update posts, so it is usually used this way to work together with your custom post types and provide management or submission capabilities to front-end users.

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