Our main focus currently is in two areas: Core Block Development and Search & Filter Functionality.

April 2022

Search & Filter Functionality

Release taxonomy facet filters. Render checkbox or select options. Support for layout of multiple filters as a group either using WP Core Blocks or custom layout blocks.

Core Block Development

Improve default rendering of 10 of the ACF Engine Core Blocks. Trim a few of the redundant blocks created before the release of WP Core blocks such as query loop. Create demo’s and documentation for each “ready for production” block that we release.

May 2022

Launch Planut Demo Site

Our first full demo site is already under development to showcase what a production site can achieve using only WordPress core and ACF Engine. The site is a diet and fitness site with advanced dynamic data functions including the first release of the ACF Engine reporting suite. We want this site to showcase how ACF Engine can be used as a type of “no-code application framework”.