v1.4.0 Development Notes

We’re at 1.3.2 at the moment and this version includes 1 new block named “Collection”. This is a container block that serves as a wrapper around all the other Data Collection blocks. This allows us to provide configuration options at the top-level, and have some of those options trickle down to the child blocks. Until now, the various Data Collection blocks were used entirely separate from one another even though they are designed to work together at a code level, as in they share Javascript handling to enable refresh of the data rendered in the Loop Block. The Collection Block changes this, and while the individual blocks can (probably?) still be used separately, this makes it easier for us to teach the use of the block collection to new users. The default way to use the collection will now be to drop in a Collection Block, and this will give you a tree of child blocks as shown below:

Collection Block from ACF Engine with it’s default child blocks.